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Dr Shimi Kang is a dynamic, entertaining, and experienced speaker. She has presented at hundreds of events ranging from the world’s largest conferences to customized workshops for small groups. As a panelist who is comfortable in diverse settings, Dr Kang has shared the stage with cutting edge scientists, movie stars, the homeless, national politicians, best-selling authors, and a Miss Universe.

Dr Kang skillfully combines her knowledge of motivation into her speaking events for a unique “therapeutic presentation” that always leaves her audience wanting more.

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It was an honor and privilege to meet Dr. Kang and introduce her as this year’s keynote for Davis Parent University. Dr. Kang’s lecture was outstanding with strong content, helpful tips, and suggestions. Her gift of presenting was just as powerful, as she developed a bond and engaged  the 450 attendees from the minute she walked on stage to her successful book signing followed by her Q &A. Dr. Kang and her book continue to be the conversation at parties, meetings and school functions. We love her!

Davis Lecture Series, University of California

Dr. Kang’s presentation, Optimizing Mindfulness for the New 21st Century Intelligence, aligned perfectly with the theme and her science based techniques offered participants thoughtful strategies and data to implement moving forward, both during their personal and professional journey.

American Society of Association Executives

Dr. Shimi Kang was an absolute hit at our event! Her talk on “Finding Balance in an Imbalanced World” really connected and resonated with our group. Dr. Kang was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She adjusted her talking points to incorporate our company’s examples to make it meaningful to our audience which was greatly appreciated.

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Kang’s talk.  She has a beautiful and relaxed style and offered a lot of valuable information in a short time frame. Her presentation was audience appropriate, compelling, personal and motivating.

Nature City Festival

“Just an incredible speaker who brings evidence to understanding human behaviors.”

“Very engaging. Very tactical.  It is refreshing to see theory and practical application so nicely woven together.”

“She is an actual expert, with real experience. She provided applicable tools that just within the last 2 days I have already referred to a few times.”

UBC Advising Committee

Dr. Kang was a fabulous speaker for our conference!  She connected with each attendee like they were the only one in the room even though there were over 800 people.  From the very beginning of the planning stage she was engaged and wanted to know exactly what was going on in our community so she could make sure she touched on the most important and relevant topics.  She gave three presentations during the conference, but people never got tired of hearing her.  Her rooms kept filling up to max capacity, when a room holds 400-800 people that is hard to do.  We are so grateful that Dr. Kang was part of our conference!

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Training Institute

We’d like to thank Dr. Kang for helping us take the Portland PMI Annual Conference to another level. Her opening keynote on Leadership in the Workplace captivated 450 Project Managers with ‘wonderful, tactical takeaways for personal and professional life’ and was ‘inspirational’ to others. Attendees also enjoyed the audience participation and practicality of her other presentation on Adaptability, presented to another full house. It is easy to see why – she articulates her expertise with genuine warmth and a complete connection with the audience – tailoring the contents specifically for our attendees.

Project Management Institute, Oregon , Your Content Goes Here

Dr. Kang has presented these teams

Dr Kang speaks on a variety of Health, Wellbeing, and Motivation related topics including:
  • Finding Balance In an Unbalanced World

  • Dolphin Parenting™: How to Raise Healthy, Happy, and Successful Kids Without Turning Into A Tiger

  • Optimizing mindfulness for personal and professional achievement

  • The Computational Brain – Optimizing Machine Human Interaction

  • Internal Drive is Lasting – The Art and Science of Human Motivation

  • The new 21st Century Intelligence of CQ™ – Consciousness Quotient

  • Parenting in the 21st Century – Raising Balanced Kids in an Imbalanced World

  • How Our Fast Paced World Effects our Mental Health

  • Anxiety – A Modern Day Disease

  • A High-jacked Brain – Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Addictions

  • Play or Die – The Life Sustaining Role of Play

  • The Neuroscience of Working Hard, Thinking Positive, and Making the World a Better Place

Topics and Examples

Motivating Patients to Change their Lifestyles

Part of a series recapping Health Talks: Bold Ideas to Transform Health Care. Ten inspiring speakers, comprising a blend of health care providers and the public, used the Pecha Kucha-powered 20 x 20 format (20 slides, 20 seconds each) to answer our question: What are your hopes for a better health care system?

Shimi’s presentation experience shined through. Her timing was impeccable and at one point in her presentation, she displayed only a black screen for 40 seconds. This was probably the most dramatic moment of the night. Her hope is for health care workers to motivate and inspire their patients to implement lifestyle changes towards positive health.

The Dolphin Way™ – How to Raise Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids…. Without Turning into a Tiger

How is it that the most informed generation of parents in human history are raising children with RISING rates of anxiety, depression, obesity, and addiction? Given that all of these are human LIFESTYLE conditions – do we need a reminder for what it means to live a human life? The intelligent, playful, joyful, and community-minded dolphin can certainly be that reminder. Dolphins are not authoritarian tiger-parents who push and hover NOR are they permissive jellyfish parents. Dolphin parents’ use a BALANCED relationship and a BALANCED lifestyle to GUIDE their children towards self-motivation. This allows Dolphin kids to have what Tiger kids don’t – the ability to adapt by possessing the key 21st century skills of “CQ™ ” – collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Although these are the skills needed in our globally competitive, highly connected, and fast paced modern world, the Dolphin Way™ is NOT a new trend. The principles are as old as humanity itself as it is based upon how we are naturally motivated through powerful neurochemical pathways. The Dolphin Way™ will leave every parent with the one they can use with any child in every situation – their human intuition.

This talk will cover:

  • The state of 21st century parenting and how we got here.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Tiger, Jellyfish, and Dolphin Parenting™.
  • How children (and adults) establish self-motivation and
  • The science and beauty of parental intuition.

The Irrefutable Truth About Motivation

With motivational speakers at every turn, there is no doubt that audiences want to understand motivation and catch a whiff of its magical ether. However, few (if any) speakers are able to lay out the neuroscience, biology, psychology, and reality of motivation like Dr. Shimi Kang. As a Harvard trained addiction specialist, Dr Kang knows all too well about the devastating effects of when motivation goes astray. However, she also knows exactly how to bring ones motivation back towards health, happiness, and lasting success. From across the ages, Dr Kang combines irrefutable science with unforgettable stories in a whirlwind tour that leaves her audience entertained, educated and yes – motivated!

In this talk, Dr. Kang will cover:

  • The neuroscience of how humans are naturally motivated.
  • Corresponding daily activities that will directly lead towards self-motivation and
  • Tools and tips on how to motivate those around you

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