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Book Dr. Kang as a Keynote Speaker

To inquire about a speaking engagement, please visit Speakers Spotlight Speakers Bureau.
For teacher professional development or non-profit events, please contact

Media Requests

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Future-Ready Minds Program

For more information about Future-Ready Minds camps, counselling & coaching programs, please contact

Medical Consultation & Psychology Services

Dr. Kang & the Future-Ready Minds team provides non-urgent integrative medical, psychology & counselling services for mental health, addiction (including technology overuse), burnout, chronic pain, psychedelic assisted therapy, and any condition that would benefit from enhanced self-motivation & lifestyle change. We also offer expedited Psych. Ed assessments, individual, group and family therapy.

For counselling, psych. eds & therapy, please contact

To inquire about a medical consultation with Dr. Shimi Kang, please contact or send your doctor’s referral to Dr. Kang at fax: 6047428382. Her in-person appointments are located at Qi Integrated Health: 1764 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 5A3 on Fridays only.

Existing patients & clients may book directly on Jane:

Future-Ready Minds Empowerment Coaching

Dr. Kang and her team offer coaching for leadership, innovation-mindset, collaboration skills, wellness, and self-motivation.

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