Health & Wellness

Dr. Shimi Kang provides non-urgent integrative medical services for mental health, addiction (including technology overuse), chronic pain, and any condition that would benefit from enhanced self-motivation & lifestyle change.

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Small-Group Mental Health Classes

If someone you love is experiencing a mental health or addiction issue, please join Dr. Shimi Kang for informative and practical small group sessions. She will customize these courses to the needs of the group via a pre-program needs assessment.


  • Latest neuroscience and medical research to explain the underpinnings of mental health and addictions
  • Maximum of 10 people/class helping you form an online support community
  • Detailed discussions of therapies, lifestyle changes, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectic behavior therapy
  • Review of mental health risk factors, signs, symptoms

Corporate Mental Health & Wellness Consultation

Would your company or organization benefit from an enhanced focus on wellness, mental health, and workplace culture? Unlock the full potential of your team with in-person or virtual empowerment coaching for innovation, leadership, and motivation. Contact Dr. Shimi Kang for a customized proposal that will fit your needs through a variety of services.

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Consultation Options

  • Company-wide events to ensure broad access to key concepts
  • Customized evidence-based resources
  • Small group sessions for specific roles/issues
  • Referral to sub-specialty services
  • 1:1 support including medical treatment if needed