Parenting The Dolphin Way: Without Turning Into A Tiger

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Many years ago in the middle of tantrums with a toddler, I had a feeling of lost over take me and my father in law said something that has stuck deep inside me since. Along with his personal advice as a father and papa, he pointed us into the direction of books. He said “you are not the first to experience this, the chances are you will find your answer in a book.”

Books were off our radar, we were young and books were never apart of our life during the beginning. Once we accepted my Father In Laws advice (which was years too late) it was life changing. Today you won’t find my husbands or my night stand without a book and the books you will find are self-help discoveries that literally are improving our life page by page.

The Dolphin Way

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Hear;thy, Happy and Motivated Kids Without Turning Into a Tiger
Shimi K. Kang, M.D

When I was introduced to this book I knew I needed to read it, the word Tiger in the title jumped out at me like it was talking to me. I never had visions of becoming a mom and turning into a Tiger although I will admit I do resemble a Tiger in many ways.

The Dilemma

I will admit the first two parts were hard for me to get through. Dr. Shimi Kang is very educated and the first half of the book she takes you through analyzing the problems in parenting, analyzing how children are taught in different countries, different styles of parenting and sharing stories from her own practice.

It was tough for me to read only because I am a “now” person and was struggling to get to the solution as soon as possible. I am so glad I held back because I learned heaps of information from these first two parts that I shared with my hubby each morning at breakfast. The whole way through the first two parts I was shaking my head because I could see the different types of parenting in my own circles.

One question I would ask Dr. Shimi Kang here after reading the first two parts is how can I turn off my knowledge when I look at a parent’s and stop judging?

After reading the first half of The Dolphin Way I was hearing my mind judge every parenting style I seen, at play dates, in the store. I felt like I was analyzing other parents from the knowledge I picked up in the first two parts of The Dolphin Way. After reading one book, I know I am not an expert but now I seem to be looking at parenting through a new set of eyes.

Taking Action

The second half on The Dolphin Way gives you the solutions to the dilemmas we face as “tiger parents”. It teaches us how to be the “dolphin parents” our children will strive from. It teaches us about Dolphins in the wild and how we can be successful using their ways. During these chapters I found myself shaking my head and agreeing along the way. Dr.Shimi Kang writes us prescriptions to success, that are simple to read and teach the parent how to guide you children.

I would recommend any parent pick up a copy of The Dolphin Way because I am confident you will learn leaps and bounds by reading this educational parenting book that will change your family’s life. Dr. Shimi Kang’s book The Dolphin Way takes you on a journey from Tiger parents to guiding your children like Dolphin. She has opened my eyes and educated my mind and body. Thank you!

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